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Theater Needs

Building a theater takes a LOT of work and a LOT of money. We are currently in the process of building out our new location and we have several needs. If you are willing to help out with a monetary donation to help us achieve these items, we'd love to give you credit on this page for the things you want to help us acquire. Or, just a general donation would also be great, so that we can apply it to the most pressing needs, first! You can click the donate button in the header, above to send your gift! (Remember that, as a non-profit community theater, your monetary donations are always tax-deductible!)

Needs List:

  • Tech Booth - Pledged! Thanks!

  • Stage - Pledged! Thanks!

  • Box Office - Pledged! Thanks!

  • Bathroom - Pledged! Thanks!

  • Door - Donated! Thanks, Amado DeHoyos!

  • Window Tinting - $640

  • Wall - $2735

  • Paint - $500

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