Season 23

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Six people; a lonely island cottage; a Halloween Murder Mystery Party — where the guests are literally playing for their lives. Nothing and no-one are as they seem. Blackmail, murder, secret passageways, hidden compartments… and a 25-year-old unsolved mystery twist toward a thrilling conclusion.


“Thrills, Christie fashion….A superb climax.” –The Kentucky Recorder
“Cheeky and skillfully crafted mayhem.” –The London Free Press
“Christie meets Deathtrap [with] a lot of style.” –The Cincinnati Enquirer
“Enough to turn Dame Agatha green with envy.” –The Oxford Press

A Party to Murder

Evening Performances at 8 pm:

September 13, 14

September 20, 21 

September 27, 28

October 4, 5

Sunday Matinee at 3 pm: September 22 and October 6

2 no sex (3 - robot).JPG

 “THE HOUSE OF THE FUTURE!” is decorated to the eaves – will Santa deliver a buyer? Unfortunately, this high tech masterpiece is a high hilarity string of glitches. Will developer Broadbent’s staff manage to control the chaos? Or will everyone get coal in their stocking?  Just a little naughty and a lot of farcical nice will keep you ho-ho-hoing till the very end!


...never a lull in the comedic commotion -Curtain Call, Tampa Bay

Its many twists and turns make [this play] a classic farce, which is sure to bring a smile.  -The Citizen, Clearwater

In this play, technology that doesn't work is just plain fun. Two hours of enjoyment and laughter. -The Seminole Beacon, Tampa

I was laughing so much I could barely hold the camera still. - WVTV Fox 13, Tampa- St. Petersberg

No Sex Please,
It's Christmas

Evening Performances at 8 pm:
November 1, 2, 2019
November 8, 9
November 15, 16
November 22, 23
Sunday Matinee at 3 pm: November 10

3 hitchcock - 2b on air shadow.jpg

Spooky! Exciting! Spies, murder, love... all the trademarks of Alfred Hitchcock come to life in the guise of a 1940s radio broadcast. This triple feature sweeps you into the studio audience as you thrill to The Lodger, Sabotage, and The 39 Steps, complete with vintage commercials and the magic of live sound effects; recreating all the edge-of-your-seat atmosphere that made Hitchcock a household name.

Calling all blondes, saboteurs, spies and everyone else that enjoys a good "whodunit!” –Broadway World, Charlotte

...a trip back in time –Orlando Weekly

... not the usual stage show -- it's better! ...What's more it's fun! -Southside ARTS Agenda (Atlanta, GA)

Here, through the genius of an old medium, a hard whack on a piece of tin becomes an ominous clap of thunder on a dark London night and the twinkling of crockery puts us in the mood of a veddy English tea….[exploiting] the aural magic of this tingly film auteur. -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Vintage Hitchcock:
A Live Radio Play

Evening Performances at 8 pm:
January 3, 4, 2020
January 10, 11
January 17, 18



Sunday Matinee at 3 pm:

January 12

4 barnaby - 5 body.jpg

Prodigal Barnaby is now the Late Barnaby! If the Butler didn’t do it, then who-? While Barnaby has motive to murder everybody, no one has reason to want HIM dead. And what do the letters  B  A  R scrawled by his dying hand mean? Murder is only one of this bizarre family’s worries: secret treasure, coded limericks, poisoned sherry, and imminent DOOM falls like an ACME anvil before the killer is finally - and hilariously - unmasked. 

This lunatic show poses a fascinating mystery. –Samuel French

Real mystery among the shenanigans – Los Angeles Times

“Bring your magnifying glass, mystery caps, and British humor ...this is a play that will be one to remember.” -FHS Freedom Forum

But Why Bump Off Barnaby?

Evening Performances at 8 pm:
February 14, 15, 2020
February 21, 22

February 28, 29


Sunday Matinee at 3 pm:

February 23 & March 1

5 murdered - 3 fractured murder weapons.

A pleasant little weekend party in the country quickly devolves into a sideways send-up of Agatha Christie.  Enter the usual suspects, rife with intersecting backstories, secrets, and motives; not to mention errant pistols, forged paintings, blackmail, affairs, an alluring last-will-and-testament, acerbic dialog, and a good deal of sherry… Will you deduce who done it? Or die laughing?

[A manic mix of] soap-opera, verbal acrobatics, satire and quirky characters -BWW

Deliciously wicked -British Theatre Guide

Supremely silly fun…undeniably entertaining -Florida Theater On Stage

Murdered to Death

Evening Performances at 8 pm:

Sunday Matinee at 3 pm:


6 jeeves - 4 oxfords.jpg

1920s high-society London is thrown into high-chaos by playboy Bertie Wooster. Again! This time our feckless hero is in cahoots with old school chum Eustace Bassington-Bassington, with a brilliant scheme to dupe their meddling relatives and rescue Bertie from (gasp!) marriage and Eustace from (horror!) a job in (too-too) far off India. Can even Jeeves save the day? Mistaken identity, ridiculously improbable circumstances, and foolishness of the highest order delight in this romp through a Wodehouse classic.

...a champagne cocktail of a show, as bright and engaging as a garden party in May. -Chicago Tribune

...comedy that's funny every way you look at it. -Third Coast Daily

Vivid wordplay and snappy, sugar-coated insults...dry as a well-made martini and equally potent. -Daily Herald

Jeeves Intervenes

Evening Performances at 8 pm: TBD


Sunday Matinee at 3 pm: