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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

June 6, 2020

Way Off Broadway Community Players Reopening Procedures.


Cleaning Upgrades


  1. Cleaning services will be provided by a professional cleaner for a deep clean of the theatre. Disinfecting, mopping of all floors and wiping down counters, sink, handles and toilets. 

  2. Volunteers will have a daily walk through of disinfection before opening any performance. All “high touch” areas will be cleaned and disinfected prior to each event and disinfected afterwards. Those include the following:

    1. Arms of chairs

    2. Air Conditioning Switches

    3. Door handles

    4. Light switches

    5. Doors of refrigerators

    6. Doors of any cabinets

    7. Drawers

    8. Toilet handles

    9. Sinks and faucets

    10. Soap dispensers

    11. Paper towel dispensers

    12. Computer for check in

    13. Countertops of concessions

    14. Computers for sound/light boards in tech booth

    15. Signs for entering the theater

    16. Backstage televisions

  3. Based on the location of the surface, different volunteers are assigned to clean and disinfect it. 

    1. Anything located in the Front of House, including the lobby and bathrooms available for patrons, is for the Front of House volunteers the day of the event.

    2. Anything located backstage, including the green room, is under the stage manager and director’s purview. During a special event/rental, the contact from the theater is to ensure it is done.

    3. The auditorium is a joint effort between Front of House and the stage manager/director of the show. This includes cast and crew.

  4. The following areas are to be cleaned and disinfected weekly, during the run of a show:

    1. Floors

    2. Bathrooms

    3. These areas will be under the purview of the director/stage manager.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be placed strategically throughout the building. 

  6. Facemasks will be worn by all volunteers in front of the house and will be replaced or washed with every new performance.

  7. The actors and theatre volunteers will have their temperatures taken before entering the building with a non touch thermometer or their own personal thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed in.


Ticket Policies


  1. If patrons are not feeling well they must call the theatre immediately or email for either a refund or transfer to another performance. 

  2. A protective shield will be in place at the box office and concession stand. Anyone getting concessions or checking in with their tickets must stay behind the shield. 

  3. All concessions must be pre-purchased. They will be sold as an addition on Eventbrite. While supplies last. 

  4. All tickets must be pre-purchased. No walk-ins are welcome.

  5. No cash exchange will be permitted. Everything will be pre-purchased.




  1. Theatre volunteers will have their temperatures taken before entering the building with a non touch thermometer or their own personal thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed in.

  2. All volunteers will have masks to wear or be provided one and will wear at all times while in the theatre. 

  3. Gloves will be worn by box office & concession volunteers. 

  4. If volunteers do not feel well, they are to leave immediately. If they do not feel well prior to their shift, they are to call the director of the show.

  5. Front doors will be wide open pre show as well as after for greater circulation.

  6. All office supplies will be wiped down and disinfected daily. 

  7. The box office and concessions stand office are open only to 2 volunteers at one time. Only those permitted to work that show will be allowed in.

  8. Signs with maximum occupancy will be posted throughout the building.


Front of House/Box & Concessions


  1. There is a limit of only 2 working volunteers permitted in the concession and box area. 

  2. There will be no meet & greet with the cast after the show.

  3. Ushers and volunteers will have masks on at all times. 

  4. Volunteers will assure that hand sanitizer is available to all. 

  5. There will be no programs handed out. You may reference our website for the bios/headshots of the actors as well as our headshot board.

  6. The lobby will be open one hour before showtime and patrons will be seated after checking in. No loitering in the lobby area. 

  7. Audiences will be greeted from the stage before the show to explain the process for dismissal. One row at a time will be dismissed like in wedding services. 

  8. No opening night reception will take place.

  9. Concession will only serve pre packaged goods. 

  10. Audiences will be limited to 40 patrons.

  11. Seating will be limited due to social distancing. The usher will escort patrons to their seats. 

  12. Audience members have the option of wearing masks, but are encouraged to do so. 

  13. No gifts will be allowed for the actors, please leave them in your vehicle. (flowers, cards)

  14. Signage will be posted in the lobby and other common areas concerning guidelines from the CDC and government.

  15. Spike marks will be placed on the floor to ensure social distancing at the entrance, concessions, and bathrooms. 



  1. All actors/crew will be entering and exiting through the Green Room door.

  2. Actors/crew will have their temperatures taken before entering the building with a non touch thermometer or their own personal thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed in and sent home. This individual must go three days without a 100-degree fever (without the use of fever-reducing medication) before returning to rehearsal/production.

  3. If an actor has a fever or is ill, they will be told to stay home. The director/assistant director will step into the role. They may be holding a script while acting.

  4. All actors will be encouraged to come to the theater prepared (with costumes and makeup on) to limit the amount of need for dressing rooms.

  5. Extra dressing rooms will be set up backstage to maintain social distancing.

  6. Actors are to take their costumes home each night to wash them.

  7. Props will ONLY be touched by an actor who uses said prop. Props must be preset and checked by the actor ONLY. (Stage Managers can double-check but will NOT move props before the show.)

  8.  During a show: 

    1. All individual props will be sanitized at the end of each night. 

    2. All furniture sanitized after each rehearsal by the stage crew. 

    3. Limit the use of shared props between cast members when possible.

    4. No edible props allowed.

    5. Set door handles and handrails sanitized after each rehearsal.

    6. In general, limit the number of individuals in contact with each prop.

  9. All persons backstage are recommended to wash their hands as soon as they are off-stage, due to the close contact of cast and crew on and off stage. For those staying on Stage Left, a bottle of hand sanitizer is provided.

Tech Booth


  1. The soundboard and light board will be disinfected at the end of each night.

  2. Computer mice, keyboards, and monitors will be disinfected at the end of each night.

  3. No more than 3 people in the tech booth at any given time.

  4. Computers will be sanitized after each use.

  5. Tech crew will disinfect light switches and doorknobs before leaving for the night.


We encourage you to continue practicing recommended sanitary standards. As always please wash your hands and stay home if you are feeling ill. Visit for more information.




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