Welcome to the home of the Way Off Broadway Community Players! We are currently without a physical location, but the show will go on! We have a brand new board of directors that are anxious to continue providing quality entertainment to the Leander and surrounding areas! Stay tuned here for more information and updates!

Way Off Broadway Community Players presents
"Check Please" & "Check Please: Take 2"

May 28, 2021 -  7:30pm - at Leanderthal Distilling

May 29, 2021 -  7:30pm - at Leanderthal Distilling

May 30, 2021 -  2:30pm - at Leanderthal Distilling

11894 Hero Way W Ste A, Leander, TX 78641

Must be 21 or over to attend.


Girl - Ashley Deleona

Guy - Charlie White

Kim - Jenn Reck

Hank - Greg Holmes

Female Variety:

Nikki Hsueh
Rachel Hall
Jeana Rich

Male Variety:

Liv Russell
Scott Hall
Vircell Dayap

*Drinks are available for purchase at Leanderthal Distilling, during the show. If you would like food, you are welcome to bring it in with you. For ordering at places near the location:

Saccone's Pizza - 512-257-1200

Blue Corn Harvest - 512-337-7633

Humble Pint - 512-337-5007

Smokey Mo's BBQ - 512-528-0700