Welcome to the home of the Way Off Broadway Community Players! We are currently building out a new theater, so the show will go on! We have a brand new board of directors that are anxious to continue providing quality entertainment to the Leander and surrounding areas! Stay tuned here for more information and updates!

It's a Theatre ... and It'll Look Like One Soon


This is a photo from the first rehearsal of our melodrama. That big room they're in?

It's our new theatre!

It doesn't look like one yet, since the buildout hasn't yet begun. But picture this...

  • Blacked-out windows and doors

  • Rows of seats where the cast is sitting in this photo.

  • A stage where the camera is.

  • A lobby on the right-hand side.

  • A fantastic backstage area, visible through the open doorway in the back.


We've been without a building for about two years, so this is an incredibly exciting time!

Build-out has already begun at the new location:

11840 Hero Way West #200

Leander 78641

(Behind Blue Corn Harvest Restaurant)

Interested in donating to help us with this brand new venture? Check out our Theater Needs page and our Donations page for info on multiple ways to help us bring quality entertainment to you.

We could also use helping hands during this time. If you'd like to help with a gift of your time and talent, please see our Volunteer Opportunities page.

The Man In The Locket - Cast Announcement.jpg
The Man In The Locket



The Man In The Locket - Web.jpg

It's summertime, early 1950s and, off the east coast, the young daughter of a wealthy tycoon escapes her conniving guardians and prospective husband in search of the past and the father she can no longer remember. She has only one found clue: a locket with two photos. But her guardians are in league with the villainous would-be-groom and the three have dark purpose. Drawn to the Bergstrom Circus, she begins her quest, joins the circus and finds love. But will she find her father? Will she escape her villainous fiancé? Will true love prevail?

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