Welcome to the home of the Way Off Broadway Community Players! We are currently without a physical location, but the show will go on! We have a brand new board of directors that are anxious to continue providing quality entertainment to the Leander and surrounding areas! Stay tuned here for more information and updates!

In Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart that that I let you know that longtime Way Off Broadway volunteer and supporter Don Nordland lost his lengthy battle with Parkinson’s and his brief battle with Covid-19 early Friday morning.

Don had a background in theatre, and was passionate about being a part of both WOBCP and the Georgetown Palace. Before Parkinsons took his ability to work, Don was with us for every build, served on WOBCP's Board for a time, and we always thrilled to see him in the audience. He was already sorely missed due to his awful disease. Now our hearts are heavier still with sorrow.

Please hold up his family and friends in your hearts.

And stay safe. All of you.



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