Til Beth Do Us Part

Til Beth Do Us Part

by Jones/Hope/Wooten

Directed by Francine Barnes

Auditions: April 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm (4W/2M)

Evening Performances at 8pm:
June 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, July 1, 2017
Sunday Matinee: June 18 at 3pm

COMEDY: A career-driven wife Suzannah, needs a lot more help on the home front than she’s getting from her husband, Gibby. Enter Beth as the newly-hired assistant, a gregarious, highly-motivated woman who whips the household into an organized, well-run machine – at the perfect time. Suzannah’s, boss is flying in from London for an important make-or-break business dinner. Gibby grows increasingly wary as Beth insinuates herself into more and more aspects of their lives, and into Suzannah’s career. Beth is given carte blanche to change anything in the household that “will make it run more efficiently.” And the change Beth makes is convincing Suzannah that Gibby must go! When he realizes it’s Suzannah’s career Beth is really after, a newly-determined Gibby sets out to save his marriage aided by Suzannah’s best friend, Margo, and his best friend, Hank. Their effort to stop Beth goes uproariously awry just as the boss arrives for that all-important dinner. Whether you’re married, single, rethinking your divorce or currently being controlled by someone up to no good, you’re sure to enjoy this family-friendly, laugh-out-loud, fast paced farce!

Gary Dean Hamilton as Gibby Hayden
Tracy Cathey as Beth Bailey
Peg Sampson as Suzannah Hayden
Bill Craig as Hank Russell
Summer Stinson as Margo James
Crystal Hughes as Celia Carmichael

Francine Barnes – Director
Sarah Jackson – Assistant Director
Sarah Jackson – Stage Manager
Tamara Friedman – Crew
Greg Holmes – Tech Booth

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