Send Me No Flowers

Send Me No Flowers

by Carroll Moore and Norman Barasch
Directed by Gary Dean Hamilton

Evening Performances at 8pm:
January 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, February 3, 4, 2017
Sunday Matinee: January 22 at 3pm

COMEDY: Doris Day and Rock Hudson starred in the movie version of this show.  George’s  favorite hobby is hypochondria.   At one of his many doctor visits, he overhears his doctor discussing another patient with heart trouble, and mistakes the dying man’s diagnosis for his own. He bravely prepares to meet his end, sure that it’s ‘his time’. Putting his affairs in order, he writes a heartbreaking letter to his wife , Judy, to be read as his eulogy. He tries to arrange a good second husband for his soon-to-be widow.  When he finally tells his wife about his impending demise, she quickly finds out that he’s not dying at all. She believes it’s just a lame excuse to hide an affair, but he’s just trying to find a cemetery plot for three: himself, his wife and the new future ‘Mister Kimball’.

The Cast

Bill Craig – George Kimball
Tracy Cathey – Judy Kimball
Russ Jernigan – Arnold Nash
Ed Trujillo – Bert Power
Ed Long – Dr. Morrissey
Kevin Pichardo – Vito
Glenn Aichlmayr – Mr. Akins
Erin Priddy – Miss Mason/Floozy

The Crew

Director: Gary Dean Hamilton
Assistant Director: Suzanne Redfield
Lights and Sound: Jeremy Mielens
Stage Manager: Emily Plaster
Crew: Sarah Jackson
Crew: Summer Stinson

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