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Sleazy Tab Lloyd, a nasty villain, is running for mayor, but Miss Aspen Print won’t endorse him. Instead, she writes articles supporting his opponent, an honest politician named Edward Torial. And has the complete support of the Sheriff, Jack Newsworthy. Lloyd however still wins the election – via trickery.  What happens when a Pony Express rider shows up without his pony?  Who is Swampwater Sam?  The whole town, including Mrs. Pickles, Mrs. Grisley and Sleepwalking Granny, shudders as freedom of the press is threatened when Sleazy Tab Lloyd gains control of “The Clarion” and stuffs each issue with utter nonsense!  The highlight comes when Lloyd has to jump from state to state to avoid arrest, trying not to get ’cornered’!  Of course, all ends well when our villain is defeated in the hilarious finale!

Stop the Presses is a special melodrama production, running July 22 through August 6, 2016.  Click image or show title above for more information about shows and tickets.