Misdeeds at Mistletoe Mine


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Misdeeds at Mistletoe Mine
by Tim Koenig
Directed by Bill Craig
July 27, 28; August 3, 4, 2018 at 8pm; Sunday Matinee July 29, 2018 at 3pm
Poor little Holly Hock. Orphaned, she has inherited a gold mine with no gold and a hotel with no guests. Her aunt, Rose Bush, has taken both her and the failing business under her wing. When handsome Redmond Wood rides into town, the future suddenly looks promising for Rose and Holly, but the villainous Mayor William Z. Lucifer has other plans. With the help of femme fatale Chiquita Rosarita Ricardo, Mayor Lucifer concocts a plan to drive Red out of town and take custody of Holly, thereby inheriting the hotel and gold mine. Due to the ’sanity clause’ of the adoption agreement, Lucifer just needs to prove Rose Bush unfit for guardianship, which he attempts to do by drugging Rose’s drink and calling the sheriff in to witness her strange behavior! Tough-as-nails Sheriff Tucson Tessie and the locals of Yule Falls and the Yule Fall Inn will entertain audiences with this highly comical melodrama full of wit, physical humor, and more than enough laughs to fill a gold mine!!
The Cast
Russ Jernigan as William Lucifer
Lisa Doughty as Rose Bush
Nathan Doughty as Red Wood
Nikki Gee as Chiquita Ricardo
Barb Jernigan as Tucson Tessie
Lizzie Hope as Holly Hock
Glenn Aichlmayr – Stubby Nuggets
The Crew
Bill Craig – Director
Sarah Jackson – Assistant Director
Bill Craig – Lights
Bill Craig – Sound

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