Cowhand’s Christmas Carol

Cowhand's Christmas Carol

Our 6th Annual Holiday Event
The Cowhand’s Christmas Carol
Directed by Tracy Cathey
Assisted by Mary Ross
Sweet Carol Christmas, the orphaned housekeeper for Colonel Rushmore’s Cross Stitch Ranch, has two beaux seeking her favor. One is pure-hearted cowhand, Silverado Sterling. The other is the diabolic and oily Phlimphlam. The season’s spirit has Colonel Rushmore planning to donate acres of land to the Tiny Tumbleweeds Orphan Asylum. But Phlimphlam secretly knows the land is worth a bundle to the railroad companies and tries to wheedle the colonel into selling the property to him. When the colonel refuses, our evil villain plots to take deadly and drastic action with an explosive plum pudding! Our only hope is that Silverado, battling snowstorms, wolves and other seemingly insurmountable odds, can come to the rescue just in the nick of time to save the day!
This Show is for ONE WEEKEND ONLY:
Friday, December 8 – Showtime starts at 8pm, Lobby Festivities with Santa begins at 7pm
Saturday, December 9 – Showtime starts at 3pm, Lobby Festivities with Santa begins at 2pm
Sunday, December 10 –Showtime starts at 3pm, Lobby Festivities with Santa begins at 2pm
The Cast
Gary Dean Hamilton as Philip Phlimphlam
Beth Watkin as Carol Christmas
Shelly Kelly as Harriet
Bill Craig as Silverado Sterling
Glenn Aichlmayr as Col. Rushmore
Susan Kizer as Letitia Plumby
Robin Friar as Kandy Kane
Suzanne Redfield as Kristmas Kooky
Bella Kent as Little Orphan Townie
Libby English as Oatmeal Annie
The Crew
Director – Tracy Cathey
Assistant Director – Mary Ross
Lights and Sound – Jeremy Mielens

Sorry, all of the showtimes for this show have passed!

Take a look at our future shows to find another.