Stop That Villain

 Stop That Villain Logoby Tim Kelly
directed by Beth Watkin

8pm Friday July 28, 2017
8pm Saturday July 29, 2017
3pm Sunday July 30, 2017
8pm Friday August 4, 2017
8pm Saturday August 5, 2017
3pm Sunday August 6, 2017

The unscrupulous Rip Roquefort makes a bad living cheating at cards. He lives at the Virginia City Hotel but pays no rent because the landlady, Jenny Flutterpearl, thinks he’s in love with her. Jenny doesn’t realize that the miserable servant she’s hired to wash and scrub is actually the villain’s wife, Comatose. Things get even more interesting for Roquefort with the arrival of Auntie Em, her niece Little Jane Dovetonsil and the crafty Judge Lynch. Seems the villain’s uncle has left him a fortune — “if” he marries Little Jane within twenty-four hours. Little Jane knows nothing of all this. If she finds out about the will the money goes to “The Judge Lynch Foundation for Near-Sighted Albanians.” Roquefort arranges an “accident” for Comatose (it backfires) and urges a former partner in crime, Bathsheba Pickles, to sidetrack the local deputy, Merton Manly. Complications build to a hilarious slow motion finale!


Russ Jernigan – Sandy Gherkin, Esq. (The Narrator)
Nikki Bora – Jenny Flutterpearl
Kristi Treitler – Comatose
Lisa Doughty – Poker Alice
Kevin Pichardo – Horseback
Jim Dirkes – Rip Roquefort
Lisa Maria Page – Bathsheba Pickles
Floyd Glenn – Judge Lynch
Shawn Walsh – Claudette
Alanna Verhaalen – Auntie Em
Olivia Russell – Little Jane
Nathan Doughty – Merton Manly
Matthew Watkin – Hamish McGuffin


Director – Beth Watkin
Assistant Director – Suzanne Redfield
Stage Manager – Shay Conley
Sound Operator – Greg Holmes
Light Operator – Sarah Jackson


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