A Party to Murder: A Mystery Comedy

A Party to Murder: A Mystery Comedy
by Marcia Kash and Douglas E. Hughes
Directed by Howard Gentry
Auditions: Monday July 29, 2019 at 7pm
3 Women and 3 Men, Age range from 30’s to 60’s
Evening Performances at 8pm:
September 13,14; 20,21; 27,27; October 4,5
Sunday Matinee at 3pm: September 22, 2019
Six people have traveled in secret on Halloween to play a murder mystery game at an isolated island cottage. Invited by writer Charles Prince, they appear set for a weekend of fun… until misdeeds from the past begin to affect the proceedings and it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. The game takes on a sinister dimension when guests begin to die and the remaining players realize that they are playing for their lives. Tension begins to rise. Secret passageways, incriminating letters, hidden compartments, bodies in the window seat and a twenty five year old unsolved mystery twists and turns toward the unexpected and shocking conclusion.
The Characters

Note: Each character has two identities. The one in “real life” is described below and is valid for most of the play. The other one is the murder mystery character they play during the first part of the play. That persona will include wigs, costuming, props, etc. to significantly alter their age and/or appearance.

McKenzie – (W) late 20’s, early 30’s. A fashion model, witty, extroverted, with a tough exterior. She is Elwood’s girlfriend. Also plays Evelyn Waters, a conservative looking woman in her 30’s.
Valerie – (W) early to mid-40’s, Henri’s older sister. Smart, savvy, used to getting her own way. Very well turned out. Also plays Mrs. McKnight, a maid.
Henri – (W) late 20’s to early 30’s. Valerie’s younger sister, shy, easily intimidated. Dresses conservatively. Also plays Madame O’Karma, an exotic woman with a turban and crystal ball.
Charles – (M) 50’s to 60’s. Distinguished, intelligent, erudite, well-bred and educated. A successful mystery-novelist and ultimate host. Also plays Konrad Leimgruber, a suave surgeon in his 40’s.
Willy – (M) 40’s. A former football player, big, friendly, gregarious, and a good sense of humor. Also plays Ernie Fenton, a bald headed man in his 70’s.
Elwood – (M) mid 50’s, balding. Corporate CEO type, confident, friendly, but powerful and he knows it. Also plays Father Gerold Merryweather, a priest in his 50’s or 60’s.

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Ticket Prices

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