Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance
by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus
8pm Friday February 23
8pm Saturday February 24
8pm Friday March 2
8pm Saturday March 3
3pm Sunday March 4
8pm Friday March 9
8pm Saturday March 10
8pm Friday March 16
8pm Saturday March 17
Bethany, who has strength, independence…and zero self esteem, has come to the cabin in the woods, the site of the hunting accident that killed her husband, Chance. She has brought her new fiancée, Floyd and his mother, Verna to help her get the cabin ready to sell. Much to her consternation, Chance is still there, or rather, his ghost is. Only Bethany can see him, so everyone thinks she’s crazy as she frantically tries to get rid of, well, nobody. Chance, who realizes he still loves Bethany, is doing everything he can to prevent her from marrying Floyd, and trying to keep the secret within his cabin safe. A delightfully kooky psychic arrives to help deal with Chance…who is becoming more intrusive. Finding humor in life’s trials and tribulations helps keeps you sane! From opening to final curtain, a roller coaster of surprising twists and turns. “Some plays speak to the mind, some to the heart and some hammer the funny bone. Few manage to hit all three in the same evening. This is that rare theater experience…a touching, funny story of love and redemption.
The Cast
Tracy Cathey as Bethany
Bill Craig as Floyd
Adam Ray Garrett as Chance
Francine Barnes as Verna
Summer Stinson as Crystal
Glenn Aichlmayr as Adam Lucas
The Crew
Gary Dean Hamilton – Director
Sarah Jackson – Assistant Director
Beth Watkin – Stage Manager
Greg Holmes – Backstage Crew
Jeremy Mielens – Lights and Sound

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