Wake Up Napsville! The Railroad is coming!

Wake Up Napsville! The Railroad is coming!
By Jennifer Luster
Directed by Jennifer Luster
Evening Performances at 8pm:
July 26, 27
August 2, 3
Sunday Matinee at 3pm: July 28
Big Business tycoon Bartholomew Badmun is hoping to add to his bank account by cashing in on the people of Napsville. He is trying to convince the citizens to bring the railroad through the town so as to attract more people and more big businesses. He insists that the best place for the railroad station is the exact spot where the schoolhouse currently sits. In order to build a bigger and better schoolhouse to replace the old one, the town must rally together to raise the money. Bart’s scheme is to replace all donations with his own counterfeit money and take off with the cash. In order to carry out his diabolical plan, he finds a co-conspirator in the mayor’s sister, Blanche. Together, they win the town’s confidence and Bart begins his scheme to steal the town’s money, deliver no schoolhouse, no railroad, and get safely out of town. Luckily, the school mistress, Miss Ava, and her fiancé Corley discover Bart’s evil plan. Can they find a way to unmask his evil scheme in time to save the town?
The Cast
Christian Huey as Bartholomew Badmun
Alanna Verhaalen as Blanch Dewitt
Zoe Parkinson as Miss Ava Culahut
Jake Maspero as Cowboy Corly Winters
Russ Jernigan as Mayor Curtis Dewitt
Hannah Willis as Sarah
Timothy Vernor as Jake
Linnea Magdamo as Willa
Suzanne Redfield as Sierra Nervawhna
Samuel Watkin as Ainsley
Eliza Watkin as Lizzy
The Crew
Director – Jennifer Luster
Assistant Director- Sarah Jackson
Stage Manager – Sarah Jackson
Lights – Ron Revell
Sound – Bethany Watkin

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